Today was a soul changing Sunday as Michelle and I walked into Mt. Gilead Baptist Church in Egypt, where I felt God’s presence more than I have in a long time. Jonathan and Kristie Murray were gracious enough to invite us to attend their beloved church in their hometown of Egypt. Egypt, Texas that is. We felt welcome as soon as we opened the church doors, where every member greeted us and made us feel like we were part of their church family. In reality, we are all family, the family of God.

The choir sang beautifully, especially Kristie’s mom. Her joy as she sang touched my soul and brought revival to my heart. The band consisted of many talented artists, a guitarist, drummer, organist, and an 11 year old young man who taught himself to play piano. This young man is proof that God is alive in all of us and blesses us with many talents to worship HIM.

The finale was the singing and message from Pastor Hinton. Not only does he have the voice of an angel, he preached a sermon that reminded me that when I don’t have the faith to follow God, my worship becomes wandering. This wandering way of life leads to worldly pursuits, rather than keeping my eyes on God.

My eyes, ears, and most importantly my heart was all focused on Jesus today where I felt God’s presence more than I have in most churches I have attended. My goal is to continue this renewal of my spirit as I visit different churches on my voyage to wholeness with God. As Pastor Hinton said, “when I have tried to do it myself, it didn’t work.” “I must trust Jesus!”

Life is about moments. Thank you God for knowing who to put in my life at just the right moment. This week it was Jonathan and Kristie Murray who invited me to share in this spiritual cleansing experience. The Murrays are two of the best people I have had the privilege to work with at Reading Junior High. You both have made a difference in many students’ lives. I respect you both, and am thankful that I had the honor to worship in your church today!

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  1. It was an uplifting and inspiring experience, and I am so blessed that we were invited to worship with the congregation of Mt. Gilead Baptist Church!

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